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Faculty Development & Training

Pedagogically-focused training for on-campus and online teaching.

The section has a list of of the technology and non-technology types of training available through the FRC for faculty.  

Faculty Professional Development and Training Schedule (Use your Pipeline ID and password to register. )  Technology Training (Pipeline, Canvas, Google, Starfish, Mobile, Clickers, etc.) 

Smaller technology training workshops are held in the FRC.
Small group technology training in the FRC

Larger technology workshops are held in various computer labs on campus.
Human presence technology training

Linked-In Learning
- After logging into Campus Pipeline, choose the Linked-In Learning link on your resources tab.

Past Grant-funded Training & Development 

Accessibility Training (Materials, Software, and Hardware) - If you develop course materials or make use of publisher materials, then you should participate in the FRC's accessibility workshops or complete the @ONE workshops on your own.