June 19, 2020

Statement of Support from CSEA Executive Board

The Executive Board of CSEA Chapter 289 advocates an immediate end to oppressive and racist actions towards Black, Brown, Asian and Indigenous people. People of color are suffering greatly due to the systemic racism that permeates every institution of our country. The COVID 19 pandemic has heightened the racist attacks and impacts on people of color and has prevented them from getting the services they need to survive. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter SB in the wake of the horrific racist murder of George Floyd. We recognize that this murder, as well as the murder of Breonna Taylor and others, are instances of a longstanding tradition of violence suffered by Black people in this country at the hands of law enforcement. As leaders of our union, we will take opportunities to engage in anti-racist, diversity, and inclusion training, and we will use the knowledge we gain from these trainings to create a more welcoming and encouraging environment for participation by people of color in our union and on campus. We will create opportunities to collaborate with interested members who are people of color in the preparation of any anti-racist statement we release on behalf of CSEA members Chapter 289. The Executive Board has a responsibility to be leaders in anti-racist education, and we commit to being agents of change who foster an equity mindset and serve a membership built on justice, equity, and inclusiveness.
In Solidarity,
CSEA Executive Board, Chapter 289
Liz Auchincloss, Chapter President
Cindy Salazar, Vice President
Sherie Brinley Higgins, Secretary
Loren Mindell, Treasurer 
Regina Reese, Communications Officier
Beth Taylor Schott, Site Rep Coordinator
Jason Thornell, Chief Union Steward