SBCC international housing options

Housing Options

SBCC and the International Office do not offer student housing or housing placement services. We can only assist students with their housing search by providing a list of popular options. Some students prefer to live with families ("homestay") while others choose to live independently in student residences, apartments or houses.  Read the disclaimers below and check out the various housing options and links below. Good luck with your search!

Disclaimer 1: SBCC is not responsible for placing students and does not assume or accept any responsibility for inspecting, supervising, or resolving any issues that may arise in the landlord-tenant relationship. Read more about our disclaimer.

Disclaimer 2: SBCC strongly recommends for students under the age of 18 to live with a local host family under the supervision of a responsible adult who is at least 25 years of age until the underage student turns 18. Parents of underage students are solely responsible for making housing decisions and arrangements and ensuring their student's personal safety. SBCC does not assume any responsibility for providing housing assistance and cannot intervene on behalf of students or parents in case of housing disputes. Furthermore, SBCC does not assume any responsibility or liability for the minor student's personal conduct. 

IMPORTANT HOUSING UPDATE: There is currently a housing shortage in the Santa Barbara and Goleta areas. We strongly recommend you to start your housing search upon admission to SBCC and reserve your housing accommodations before your arrival. If you cannot find housing in the SB area before you arrive, please consider deferring your attendance and I-20 to the following term.

  • Check out descriptions and maps of Santa Barbara area neighborhoods here.
  • Housing in Santa Barbara has a low vacancy rate, so housing can be expensive. New international students may arrive early to look for housing (up to 30 days before the program start date on your I-20). We recommend you start your search soon after you receive your Offer of Admission email.

    1. It's never too early to begin your housing search. Many students begin looking in April or May for fall semester, and November or December for spring semester.

    2. A lease is a legal contract to rent property. Carefully read your lease before you sign and make sure you understand the terms of your lease. Here are some useful resources.

    3. Beware of scams. Craigslist has some useful tips on this. 

    4. Most housing options require a deposit, plus the first and last months’ rent. Most leases are 12 month leases. A lease is a contract. If you sign a 12 month lease, be prepared to pay your rent for the duration of your lease. 

    5. If you have questions about your housing rights, or if you have a problem with your landlord that is not easily resolved, check out the City of Santa Barbara Rental Housing Mediation Task Force.

  • One of our international students, Miriam, talks about her housing experiences and shares tips with you in this video. Thank you Miriam!

Housing Options

  • The Coral Group provides homestay options to international students studying at SBCC and UCSB. They accept students who are 17+ years of age, and organize social events and volunteer opportunities for the students.
    Website: or find them on Facebook.
    Email: Kevin Hansen at or Charlotte at

    Cogito World Education is based in Boston but provides homestay options in the Santa Barbara area. 
    Contact: Sylvia Rozwadowska-Shah at  whatsapp at +1 617 301 1237

    David Koris Local property manager. Text 805-403-8621. He also posts available rooms on Craigslist.

    4Stay Room rental, roommate finder, off-campus housing, homestay. 

    International Housing Placement Service IHPS provides homestay housing for international students in the U.S.

    Student Room Stay offers SBCC students homestay placement services. Typically our matching process can take up to 30 days though we always place our students as quickly as possible and there is a one-time $300 matching fee required to begin the process. We are able to expedite the matching process though there are additional fees. For students that require a host family within 14-29 days the matching fee is $600 or if the student requires immediate placement within 7-13 days the matching fee is $750. So we need the students to apply quickly to get that $300 matching fee

  • There are several student residence buildings and apartments close to SBCC, and others near bus lines in Goleta and Isla Vista. All SBCC students are provided with a bus pass, which allows them to use the public bus system free of charge for the duration of the semester. Be sure to ask if the apartments or rooms are furnished or unfurnished. Many student-centered apartments are furnished.

    SBCC Housing List  

    Click the "SBCC Housing List" button above to find apartments, rooms for rent, students seeking roommates, maps and neighborhood descriptions, bus lines, tips, and more! Additional options are listed below:

    Tropicana Del Norte Residence Hall 
    Private student dorms with meal plan options in Isla Vista, near UCSB.

    La Brezza Apartments
    Apartments located near SBCC.
    Contact: Kevin Hansen                                       

    The Coral Group 
    Apartments, cottages, and condos, plus lots of extra services, support, and social events.
    Contact: Kevin Hansen

    The Sweeps and CBC Apartments 
    Townhomes and apartments on the outskirts of Isla Vista near the beach and bus stops.

    Buena Vista Apartments 
    Apartments located near SBCC.

    Beach City Apartments
    Apartments next to SBCC.

    4Stay Room rental, roommate finder, off-campus housing, homestay.

    Meridian Group 
    Property management company offering rooms, apartments, and houses for rent in Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, and Goleta.

    Capri Apartments 
    Student housing in apartments in Isla Vista near UCSB.

    ICON and ICON Gardens 
    Student residence buildings located in Isla Vista less than 2 blocks from the beach. 

    Ivy Apartment Homes 
    Multiple locations in the Santa Barbara area.

    Santa Barbara Rooms 
    Furnished student housing near city center.

    Bartlein and Company, Inc. 
    Furnished student housing near city center.

    Social Media Housing pages
    Disclaimer: SBCC does not operate, manage, or officially endorse the social media housing pages listed below. "SBCC" is used in the titles in order to draw the attention of SBCC students in the Santa Barbara area, but these are not SBCC-run social media pages. 
    Facebook Groups: SBCC Housing and SBCC Student Housing

    Instagram: "Sbcc25" - click on "Housing"

  • Airbnb: Book homes from local hosts