Earth and Biological Sciences Building at night

Information for students about fall 2022 classes.

The department responded to the easing of pandemic safety protocols by offering a few more CRNs either fully on campus or with an on campus lab. Many classes in the biological sciences are best experienced in person as hands on learning is one of the best ways to learn.

Biology Classes

Biology Classes taught on campus or with lecture online and lab on campus
  • 30927,
    31882, 34416, 
    Lecture Instructor: Jennifer Maupin
    Lecture : Asynchronous
    Lab instructor for CRNs 34416 and 34417: Lisa Belluzzi. These labs are on campus
    Lab instructor for CRNs 30927, 30929, and 31882: Erin Calkins. These labs are asynchronous, online
    33235, 34415

    Instructor: Michelle Kowalewski
    Lecture and labs : on campus (lec T R 11:10 - 12:30, labs T 2:30 - 5:35 or R 2:30 - 5:35)

    43831, 43832

    Lecture Instructor: Kris Burnell
    Lecture :
    Labs: On campus (W 2:30 - 5:35 and W 6:00 - 9:05)

  • 30936,
    Instructor: Jennifer Maupin
    Lectures: on campus
    Labs: on campus
    Lecture text: Raven Biology of Plants. Ray Evert, Susan Eichhorn.  8th Ed., W. H. Freeman and Co. 
    Instructor contact:  By SBCC Pipeline email. 
    Please be aware that this information is subject to change
  • 30939,
    Instructor: Blake Barron
    Lectures: On campus
    Labs: On Campus
  • 30942, 35176,
    40189, 40502, 41216, 
    41217, 41218,  41219, 
    Instructor: Jennifer Betancourt
    Each CRN contains lecture, lab and discussion. These are all offered on campus this semester.
  • 39640 Instructor:  Michelle Paddack
    Lecture and lab on campus. (Lecture T R 12:45 - 2:05, Labs T 2:30 - 5:35 and R 2:30 - 5:35
Online Biology classes 
  • 30935,
    Instructor: Eric Wise. 
    Lectures and labs;  Asynchronous
    Lecture text: Raven Biology of Plants. Ray Evert, Susan Eichhorn.  8th Ed., W. H. Freeman and Co. 
    Quizzes and exams:  Must be taken within a defined 12 hour time window. Once you start the exam, you have a limited time to complete it. You cannot save part of an exam and come back to it later
    Instructor contact:  By SBCC Pipeline email. If you contact Eric during the week, expect a response within 24 hours. On weekends, he will most likely get back to you on the next working day. 
    Please be aware that this information is subject to change
  • CRN 37978 Instructor: Larry Friesen
  • CRN 37979 Instructor: Larry Friesen
  • CRN 43127 Instructor: Larry Friesen
  • CRN 41142 Instructor: Larry Friesen
  • CRN 43834 Instructor: Larry Friesen
  • CRN 39131 Instructor: Larry Friesen
  • CRN 41144 Instructor: Larry Friesen
  • CRN 41270 Instructor: Michelle Paddack

Biomedical Sciences Classes

BMS classes taught on campus or with lecture online and lab on campus (hybrid)
  • 36545,
    Instructor: Patty Saito
    Lecture and Lab: On campus. Lec T R 9:35 - 10:55, labs R 11:10 - 2:30 and 2:35 - 5:35
  • 31890, 33239,
    35538, 43821
    Instructor: Peter Aguilar
    Lecture: EBS 309 Tuesday 6 - 9:05 pm
    Lab: On campus
    Instructor: Patty Saito
    On campus
    30974 Instructor: Barry Tanowitz (lecture), Gregg Afman (lab)
    On campus
  • 37982,
    Instructor: Peter Aguilar
    Lecture: On campus T R 3:55 - 5:15, Lab: On campus
    40233 Instructor: Heather Rose
    On Campus Lecture:   
    T 6 - 9:05, Lab W 6 - 9:05
  • 30995, 31891, 37410, 37985, 39651, 42359,

    Instructor: Robbie Fischer. Suz Gillespie teaches the labs for CRNs 39651 and 42359

  • CRN 42974 Instructor: Samin Moham
  • CRN 31000 Instructor: Blake Barron
    On Campus. T R 9:35 - 10:55
Online BMS Classes
  • 39132,
    Instructor: Patty Saito. 
    Lecture and Lab: Asynchronous
  • 30979,
    31888, 31889
    Instructor: Barry Tanowitz. Lab instructor for CRN 30979: Gregg Afman
    Lecture & Lab are both asynchronous
  • 30987,
    Instructor: Barry Tanowitz
    Lecture & Lab are both asynchronous
  • CRNs 31001, 37986 Instructor: Eric Wise
  • CRNs 44124 Instructor: Eric Wise

Botany Classes

On Campus or hybrid Botany classes
  • 39143,
    Instructor: Matt Kay
    Lecture: On Campus M W 11:10 - 12:30
    Lab:  On campus
  • 43815 Instructor: Matt Kay
    Lecture: On Campus Friday 9:30 - 2:30
    Lab:  Field Trips
Online Botany courses
  • CRN 31007, 40348 Bob Cummings

Environmental Studies Classes

On Campus or hybrid Environmental Studies classes
  • CRN 40531 Instructor: Michelle Paddack
    Lecture on campus W 2:20 - 5:25
Online Environmental Studies classes
  • CRN 31012 Instructor: Eric Wise
  • CRNs 31013 Instructor: Michelle Paddack

Zoology Classes

Zoology classes taught on campus
  • 31016 Instructor:  Hisaya Fukui
    Lecture: On campus. T R 12:45 - 2:05
  • 31017

    Instructor:  Hisaya Fukui
    Lab. On campus. T 2:30 - 5:35
Online Zoology
  • CRN  39654       Instructor: Michelle Kowalewski
    Lectures: Each week I will post lectures based on that week's topics according to the syllabus. Please complete the lecture in the given week and complete the associated quiz before starting the new topics. This is an online, self-paced class but the quizzes will only be open during their corresponding week.
    Exams: There will be two essay based exams as well as one final exam. The exams will be 100 points each and will be based on lecture topics. You will have one week to finish the exams. The final will be 150 points and will be cumulative. There will be 10 quizzes throughout the semester and you will have two weeks to complete the quizzes. 
    Office hours: Please check Canvas. I am also available by email.
  • CRN 33718 Instructor Larry Friesen
  • CRN 31893 Instructor: Kris Burnell
    All material is presented in an asynchronous format. There are no recorded lectures. All of the course materials, assignments and tests will be open starting the first day of class. Although all assignments have a due date by which they must be submitted, you are welcome to progress through the work at your own pace, completing any and all assignments early if you so desire. The course material is divided into 10 topics. Each topic has an associated reading assignment and quiz. Most topics will also have one or more additional relevant assignments. All assignments pertaining to a topic as well as all essay tests are due by Wednesdays. Students who fail to submit any assignments over a period of 2 weeks or more will be considered as “no longer attending” and are subject to being dropped from the class. Anyone who does not take test 1 will be dropped.