Construction Project Requests


SBCC Campus Construction Project Requests Overview
Employees who wish to request construction projects, remodels, or other large projects for classrooms, offices or other District property/spaces with estimated costs from $10,000 and up, need to complete the new 2022 form/process, linked below. 

SBCC Campus Construction Project Request Form

This form/process is NOT for furniture-only requests, please contact Purchasing or submit requests in your departments Program Review Process.

This form/process is NOT for Facilities type repair requests (such as window repair, light replacements or cleaning, etc), please use the Facilities Work Order System.

How to Complete the Form

Directions are included on the form under each STEP or Section. Please work the the departments indicated and follow the steps through form completion. The Facilities Department may assist you with any questions, at ext. 2296 or you may email .

What Information will I Need to Complete My Request?


In order to complete the Form, you will need to schedule a suggested 30 minute  team meeting:

  • Yourself as the Requestor
  • Your supervisor or staff member as needed
  • Facilities Director (Rob Morales)
  • Purchasing Manager (Ruie Garnica)
  • If your requests involves a Health and Safety concern you will need to include the Risk Manager (Adrienne Betty)

At this meeting, you will complete Step 1 (A-D) together.

Step 2 and Step 3 (E-G) will be completed by the Director Facilities seperately after the meeting/Form Section 1 is completed. The Form will be provided back to Requestor by the Facilities Director after Step 2 & 3 are completed.

Form Design

Step 1 - (Requestor work with Facilities Director and Purchasing Manager)
Section A: Project Description
Section B: Scope of Project
Section C: Furnitire if Applicable
Section D: Costs and Funding Sources 

Step 2 - Project Approval Signatures (Director Facilities)

Step 3 - Project Next Steps (Director Facilities)
Section E: Approval Status
Section F: Board Approval
Section G: Project Schedule