Where do I go for ...?

To research transfer institutions (UC, CSU, Private, out of state)
To join University Transfer Academy
To join Transfer Achievement Program (TAP)
To attend workshops for TAG  (Transfer Admission Guarantee)
To get assistance with applying to colleges (UC/CSU, Out of State and Private, Common Application)
To check on the status of your diploma or request that your diploma be sent to you
To submit waiver/substitution forms via email
To submit petitions and required documentation via email (Excess Units, Pass/No Pass, Excused WIthdrawal)
To find out why your CRN/Add Code is not working
To find out why you have been dropped from a class
To learn how to get on wait list and move from the waitlist into a class (instructions here)
To get questions answered related to CCPG (BOG) and FAFSA and Financial Aid Disbursement
To submit your completed SEP for Financial Aid appeals
To find out how to get on the Promise/If you are on the Promise/How to stay on the Promise/Petition to be re-instated
To order your official transcripts
To access your unofficial transcripts
To log-in to Degree Works and access your Student Education Plan (SEP)
To register for classes