Distance Education

BP 4105 Distance Education
AP 4105 Distance Education

  1. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Website
    • This website was created by CAC and offers helpful tips on how to address the DE addendum questions on Accessibility (question 2), and Equity and Inclusion (questions 3 and 6)
  2. Regular and Substantive Contact Guidelines (questions 4 and 5)
  3. Online Class Cap document (question 7)
  4. Distance Education Guidelines (Chancellor's Office, 2019)
  5. Distance Learning Summary (DLS) Sheet (please download and save as an excel file that can then be attached to your course proposal)

    Common question: "How do you expand all rows in Excel when using distance learning summary sheet?" Click the button above the row 1 heading and to the left of the column A heading to select the entire sheet. Click the Home tab at the top of the window. Click the Format button in the Cells section of the ribbon, then click the AutoFit Row Height option.

Common question: "Where do I attach the DLS to the COR?" In currIQunet, click the "attached files" tab, then the "select" button to choose the Excel file of your DLS that you want to upload.

  1. Samples of DE Summary Sheet forms
  2. Noncredit Distance Learning Summary Sheet (download &save as an excel file to be attached to your proposal)
  3. OEI-CVC Online Course Rubric (2018)