Leaves of Absence

Things you need to know regarding the various types of leaves and the process

This section is intended to assist in defining various leaves most commonly requested by employees.

Types of Leave (Resources and Information):

      PUMP Act (Protections for break time to pump at work)

Maternity Leave

A Maternity Leave Checklist has been created to guide employees through the process.

Click to view the Maternity Leave Checklist

FMLA and CFRA (Maternity leave) along with Pregnancy disability leave are all unpaid leaves.  However, employees can opt to use their accrued sick and/or vacation to remain in paid status.

Paid Parental Leave (AB 2393 child bonding) is defined as leave taken for the birth of a child of an employee or the placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care.  This leave is a total of 12 weeks and runs concurrently with CFRA (child bonding unpaid leave) .  This leave is compensated at 50% pay.  Employee must exhaust sick leave accrual before they are eligible for 50% pay. Does not require FMLA/CFRA eligibility.


*Please note:  SBCC does not contribute to State Disability Insurance (SDI).  Santa Barbara City College offers generous sick leave benefits.  Refer to your CSEA agreement, Faculty Association agreement or Advancing Leadership agreement for details on leaves.

What absence codes should I use when reporting leave?

You can click here to get to the Payroll page that explains the different types of leave codes



Need a Temporary Medical Parking Pass?

If you need a temporary medical parking pass you will need to provide Human Resources with a note from your doctor.  Once received, Human Resources will send an email to the DSPS department informing them of the employee who needs the 10-day medical parking pass.  DSPS will issue the employee the 10-day pass.  The passes can be renewed; however when issued they are valid for 10 business days.

Please contact Sharon Remacle in Human Resources at ext. 2713 if you need to request a leave of absence or have any questions regarding a leave of absence.