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Program Evaluation Committee

Committee Charge

A District committee, which reports to the College Planning Council (CPC), tasked with analyzing program reviews in order to give feedback to the educational program or administrative unit as well as to ensure due process in the establishment, modification, or discontinuance of a program. PEC will also produce a report linking program review to the strategic directions and goals of the Educational Master Plan. The Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) meetings will take place via Zoom until further notice, on the first and third Thursday of the month from 2:30pm - 4:00pm.  Contact the committee chair for more information.

Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) Tasks

  1. Establish criteria for program review evaluation
  2. Evaluate program reviews
  3. Recommend courses of action
    • Sustain program - No action needed
    • Modify program
    • Discontinue program
    • Establish program
  4. Evaluate program review process and make recommendations
  5. Report program recommendation outcomes to inform the Educational Master Plan
  6. Disseminate best practices throughout the College
  7. Institutionalization of grant-funded initiatives


Non-Voting Members and Resources
Melanie Eckford-Prosser Academic Senate President (co-chair)
Vacant Dean, Educational Programs (co-chair)
Vacant Advancing Leadership Association Representative
Liz Auchincloss CSEA Representative
Grace Twedt Administrative Assistant, Business Division
Cornelia Alsheimer-Barthel Faculty Association Representative
Z Reisz Institutional Research Representative
Nicole Oldendick  Institutional Research Representative
Voting Members and Areas of Representation
Alan Price Dean, Educational Programs Representative
Deneatrice Lewis Human Resources Representative
Rudy Hill Business Services Representative 
Laura Woyach Business Education Division Representative
Sherie Brinley-Higgins Classified Consultation Group Representative
Gwyer Schuyler Educational Support Division Representative
Joshua Escobar English/English Skills Division Representative
Stephen Da Vega Fine Arts Division Representative
Mary Sullivan Health and Human Services Division Representative
Andrea Cullinen Mathematics Division Representative
Juan Casillas Núñez Modern Languages/ESL Division Representative
Ellen O'Connor Physical Education/Athletics Division Representative
Sean Kelly Science Division Representative
Stan Bursten Social Science Division Representative
Jason Walker Technologies Division Representative
Mariah Messer School of Extended Learning Representative

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Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes

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Additional Resources

Committee files and documents available for view/download