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Using Tutors in the Basic Skills Classroom: Two Models

Sheila Wiley, Alice Scharper and Jerry Pike, members of SBCC's Partnership for Student Success, presented strategies and results at the October 2008 conference "Strengthening Student Success: Basic Skills and Beyond", held by the RP Group and Academic Senate of California Community Colleges in Anaheim, CA.

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Building Student Success: Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating a Student Success Initiative

The Partnership for Student Success team presented its experiences in creating a successful student success initiative to college teams from a number of California colleges on April 24, 2009 at Santa Barbara City College. Funding for the Colloquium was provided by the Hewlett Foundation as part of the Leaders in Student Success Award.

BSI Spring Regional Workshops: "Promoting the Success of Students with Basic Skills Needs: Creating and Sustaining Effective Programs"

The Partnership for Student Success presented its strategies and findings at the spring 2009 workshop series organized by the Basic Skills Initiative of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. This workshop focused on the Writing Center and Gateway program in particular. 


Writing Center handouts can be found  in the Writing Center as well as online.   (Writing  Center Handouts)

Writing Center appointment cards: These cards remind students of their appointments with writing tutors.

Pre-tutoring directed learning activity: Students complete this brief directed learning activity before meeting with a tutor. The DLA helps students to prioritize and get the most out of each session.

Session record: Writing tutors and students complete this form together during each tutoring session. The recorded information helps the students with reviewing the session and planning their next steps.

Session evaluation form: Students complete this survey after seeing a writing tutor. This feedback helps the Writing Center to improve its strategies and approach continuously.

Success Data

Click here for complete texts of the evaluation studies for the PSS programs: Success Data

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