Assistant Superintendent / Vice President of Academic Affairs

Maria Villagomez

María L. Villagómez, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent / Vice President of Academic Affairs

Assistant Superintendent/Vice President Dr. María L. Villagómez is goal-oriented, resourceful, and adept at redirecting her attention between the details, and the ‘big’ picture of an issue. She is a recognized leader and innovator with over 28 years of increasing leadership experience in educational settings.

Dr. Villagómez holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Spanish Linguistics and Literature, a master’s degree in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning with an emphasis in Educational Leadership, and a Doctorate in Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership.

Dr. Villagómez's commitment to student success in higher education is exemplary. She holds high academic standards and expectations. She understands the essential nexus between the classroom experience and administration. Her primary strength is the ability to take initiative, think proactively, and anticipate and organize change. She brings an educator’s insight into her administrative roles along several dimensions.

Dr. Villagómez taught Spanish Language and Literature courses at Napa Valley College for over 19 years, for which she won the McPherson Distinguished Teaching Award in 2015. Also, she has taught English as a Second Language courses. As tenured faculty, she served as President, 1st Vice President and Grievance Officer for the Faculty Association and as Secretary and 1st Vice President for the Academic Senate.

For more than six years, Dr. Villagómez was an academic dean. She was the Senior Dean over two of the largest FTES-generating and most productive divisions at Napa Valley College: Language Arts and Social Sciences. In addition, she oversaw the Library and Distance Education. In this role, she secured funding and launched the district’s first laptop and hotspot student loaner program, which helped reduce the digital divide in her community. Also, she oversaw the launching of an online writing tutoring program, which expanded access for students. Also, she secured funding for a second Puente program cohort. Her previous positions include Dean of Instruction and Academic Support, under which she secured Napa Valley College’s first CCAP agreement with several disciplines. Also, she was the Dean of Language Arts, Educational Support, and Learning Technologies, under which she led a classroom creation project to maximize space utilization and increase classroom space. Also, she led and co-led several initiatives that necessitated strong collaboration with student affairs, including designing and seamlessly implementing the automatic student enrollment process, which resulted in increased enrollments. She successfully co-led two of Napa’s Guided Pathways Cross-Functional teams, AB705 and Exploration Pathways. In 2021, she was selected by her colleagues as the Administrative Employee of the Year.

In 2017, Dr. Villagómez completed ACCCA’s Great Deans Program, and the Enrollment Management Academy hosted by Claremont University in collaboration with the CA Chancellor’s office, both prestigious programs specifically designed for CA community college administrators. In 2022, she completed CCCCIO’s ALIVE Deans Academy, which prepares deans of color for CIO roles. In December of 2022, she completed the CCLC and ACCCA’s Aspiring CEO Program.

Dr. Villagómez has always been active in various civic local and statewide organizations including Napa-Solano Girl Scouts, Leadership Napa Valley (alumni), HOPE, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (alumni), Napa Valley College Leadership Academy (alumni) as well as other organizations. Most recently, she served on ACCCA’s board of directors and currently serves on ACCCA's Commission for Finance, Legislation, and Advocacy.

María L. Villagómez, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent / Vice President of Academic Affairs

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