Keys & Access

The Campus Safety and Emergency Department is responsible for the physical security of the campus which includes managing the production and issuance of keys and staff and faculty ID cards for electronic access. 


Keys are provided to individual staff members on a need-to-enter basis as determined by the appropriate supervisor. 

To request a key it needs to be submitted in writing to the Campus Safety Office by the appropriate supervisor, department chair or dean.  The request must indicate who the key(s) are for and the rooms or buildings to be accessed.

  • The supervisor, director, chair or dean may only approve key requests for buildings or departments that they are responsible for. If the room and/or building are under the primary supervision of another supervisor, director, chair or dean, then an approval must be obtained from that supervisor, director, chair or dean as well.
  • Keys will be issued only when individuals need access to an area for their job function.
  • Keys will be issued to individuals only and will not be issued in the name of a department or office. Individuals requesting keys must make direct contact with the Campus Safety Office so that they may sign the key requisition form and receive the key(s). The office of Safety and Emergency is responsible for coordinating key cutting, door lock changes, and key assignment records. Any unauthorized duplication of district keys may result in disciplinary action. (Violation of Penal Code, section 469)
  • Current and legible SBCC ID card or driver's license is required to pick up keys.
  • Employees, who terminate employment with the district through resignation or retirement, must return their assigned key(s) to the Campus Safety Office on or before last day of employment. Employees will be held responsible for the expense to change the locks on rooms or buildings for keys not returned.
  • Continuing adjunct instructors must relinquish key(s) at end of each semester or request reissue for subsequent semesters.
  • For security reasons, the transfer of SBCC keys is prohibited. Employees shall NOT loan or transfer keys to other employees, students, student workers, hourly employees or member of the community.  No keys are issued to temporary hourly classified staff or students.  
  • Anyone who loses a key(s) must immediately report the loss to the Campus Safety office at (805)730-4064.
  • Anyone with knowledge of improper access to or use of the district keys should report the information immediately to his or her supervisor, director, chair or dean as well as Campus Safety.

Keys to media cabinet keys are issued and maintained by the Media Services Department.