Smoking On Campus

As of August 5, 2013 SBCC will convert to a tobacco-free, smoke free campus.  The policy change was approved by the Board of Trustees at its regular meeting on June 27.  For the past nine years, SBCC has been a non-smoking campus with designated smoking areas.  The recommendation for the change followed extensive discussion and debate among campus constituents and shared governance groups and committees. Reasons cited were maintaining a healthy and safe workplace and campus, eliminating second-hand smoke hazards, and curtailing discarded cigarette butts resulting in trash on campus and beach and ocean pollution.  The new policy will apply throughout the SBCC Cliff campus and the Schott and Wake campuses and for visitors and the general community attending college-related events. SBCC will continue to make smoking cessation programs available to students, faculty and staff through Student Health Services and Human Resources.


 The use of tobacco products is prohibited within any college facility and/or any outside area of the campus.   Tobacco products - includes but is not limited to the burning of any type of cigar, cigarette, pipe, electronic cigarette, or any other smoking equipment. The use of smokeless/chewing tobacco is also prohibited.

This policy pertains to students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors and the general public attending campus events. Additionally, this policy shall apply to all SBCC facilities, owned or leased, regardless of location, and all state and auxiliary vehicles.